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Dominican Republic Airports Get Counterfeit Documents Technology

Shane Nolan

April 27, 2010 - All the main airports in Dominican Republic now have the latest technology installed to help identify counterfeit documents. Foster + Freeman spent two weeks installing the VSC4Plus equipment to six airports in the country. They also trained staff how to use the equipment.

The VSC4Plus can identify counterfeit documents in a matter of seconds. It can check for the majority of security features commonly used to prevent documents from being forged, such as watermarks, holograms, retro-reflective images, UV- activated features, anti-Stokes features, ICAO coded data, and invisibly embedded data.


It is equally effective on passports, visas, birth certificates, driving licenses and many other ‘feeder’ documents offered to the authorities in support of applications for passports and ID cards.

The equipment will be used to check passports and ID cards from international and domestic inter-Caribbean flights. Dan Freeman, application engineer for the company, said: “We had lots of comments about how easy the equipment is to use. People picked up how to use the equipment really quickly.”

Local media were excited by the developments and the head of the International Organization for Immigration (IOM) for Dominican Republic and Dominican Director of the Office of Migration held a press conference at Santo Domingo Las Americas, the main airport for the country.

The IOM has been working closely with the Dominican Republic Government to improve migration and security. It has provided better training in border management and the number of officials who work in immigration and law enforcement.

The following airports all now have Foster + Freemans VSC4Plus: International Airport Joaquin Balaguer, International Airport of Las Americas – Santo Domingo, International Airport Gregorio Luperon - Puerto Plata, International Airport of Cibao – Santiago, International Airport of Punta Cana, International Airport of La Romana.
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