UPS Provides Suitcase Shipping Alternatives For Air Passengers


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UPS Provides Suitcase Shipping Alternatives For Air Passengers

Shane Nolan

July 1, 2010 - The UPS Store can ease air travelers' burdens this summer with three luggage shipping alternatives, including a new luggage box that takes the place of a suitcase, to help reduce hassles of long lines, security searches and increasing baggage fees. 

"Not having to carry a suitcase while traveling is a great convenience. Even better is luggage awaiting your arrival at a destination or hotel," said John Minetola, The UPS Store franchisee from Wyoming, Pa.

"You can ship your luggage as is; place it in a box for shipment, or at select locations purchase a luggage box, eliminating the need for a suitcase altogether." 


When shipped UPS Ground service, the luggage box is competitively priced with the airlines' baggage fees, especially when compared to the major airlines, many of which are charging well over $100 for comparable baggage. Additionally, members of the Automobile Association of America (AAA) can receive a 15 percent discount off the full retail price of The UPS Store eligible products and services and five percent off domestic U.S. UPS shipping costs. 

"AAA's Memorial Day forecast predicted a more than five percent increase in Americans traveling, a trend we expect to continue this summer," said Heather Hunter, AAA spokesperson. "Additionally, our travel agents are reporting double-digit increases in the percentage of travelers making advanced bookings for tours and cruises as well as an increase in hotel bookings." 

Available at select U.S UPS Store locations only, the luggage box comes in two sizes, large and small; has a sturdy handle for easy carrying, and is made of recyclable corrugate. Because it weighs less than an empty suitcase, packing directly into the box can help lower shipping costs. Travelers also can include packaging tape and a return UPS shipping label for use when returning home. 

"We've seen more customers shipping golf clubs and skis ahead over the past few years as well as more 'snow birds' packing items for annual travel to warmer climates," Minetola added. "Luggage shipping picked up when the airlines began increasing fees for checked bags and carry-ons." 


Both luggage boxes meet airline baggage restrictions for travelers opting to fly with their belongings. The small box can be carried on and the large box can be checked in, minimizing the chance of paying airline oversize or overweight charges. The luggage boxes have been professionally tested. Travelers can visit to view a luggage box information sheet with details about box dimensions, weight limitations and declared value. 

Luggage solutions from The UPS Store also allow travelers to easily track shipments with UPS mobile apps for cell phones, PDAs or other web-enabled wireless devices or receive e-mail shipment notification. Travelers can visit the online cost calculator to research the most economical shipping option. Planning ahead allows travelers to choose a less expensive shipping option like UPS Ground service.  

The certified packing experts at The UPS Store also specialize in packing odd, oversized items, such as skis, golf clubs and fishing poles - items travelers would prefer to have waiting at their destination. Because of the duties and taxes associated with international shipments, The UPS Store does not recommend shipping luggage internationally. Federal Aviation Administration restrictions prohibit the UPS Store from shipping hazardous materials, including colognes and perfumes, aerosol sprays, nail polish and cigarette lighters via air.


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