Contract Talks Stall Between American Airlines And Its Fleet Workers


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Contract Talks Stall Between American Airlines And Its Fleet Workers

Shane Nolan

June 30, 2010 - The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU), has asked the federal National Mediation Board (NMB) to release the union and its 11,000 fleet and ground service workers from further mediation with American Airlines. TWU says American Airlines Fleet Tentative Contract Agreement is no longer valid. 

Unresolved issues that led to a suspension of the contract ratification process on a tentative agreement earlier this month have now led to a complete breakdown in contract talks.  

?We are now at an impasse with AMR,? said TWU International Administrative Vice President John Conley. ?We no longer have a tentative agreement and no ballots will be presented to members for a ratification vote. We urge the NMB to promptly grant us release so that we can begin the self-help process.?


Conley, along with TWU International President James C. Little and TWU International Rep. Timothy J. Gilllespie, met with AMR officials and representatives of the NMB, including board member Harry Hoglander, at the labor board?s Washington offices earlier today to request release and to report on the total breakdown in reaching agreement with AMR for American?s fleet and ground service workers. 

Fleet and ground service workers handle baggage, clean aircraft, deice and fuel planes and move freight. While the bargaining process is at impasse for fleet service workers, voting on tentative agreements is moving forward for TWU-represented mechanics, technicians and workers who handle parts at American.  

Those pending agreements have different terms and do not have the same issues related to contracting ?out work that has caused the breakdown in the fleet/ground service tentative agreement.
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