Florida Man Arrested At Detroit Metro Airport On Child Porn Charges


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Florida Man Arrested At Detroit Metro Airport On Child Porn Charges

By Steve Hall

May 30, 2010 - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that on Monday a Florida man was had been arrested for traveling with a laptop containing at several hours of child pornography videos.

Stuart Blakesberg, 44, was arrested Sunday at Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) following a return flight from Nagoya, Japan. DTW was the international port of entry for Blakesberg before his connecting flight to his destination Houston, Texas. During the course of a routine CBP inspection, officers searched a laptop that was in Blakesberg's possession.

"Purveyors of child pornography fuel the appalling international exploitation of innocent children," said Brian Moskowitz, special agent in charge of ICE's Office of Investigations in Detroit. "Possession of child pornography is not a victimless crime. Those who engage in this criminal behavior should be forewarned that ICE will use all of its resources to locate and arrest them."


A secondary inspection revealed videos of child pornography. ICE computer forensic agents were immediately notified to continue the investigation. ICE agents discovered several videos depicting child pornography. A cursory examination of media storage discs revealed similar content.

Blakesberg entered into the United States at Detroit Metropolitan Airport from Manila, Philippines via Delta Airlines Flight 630 from Nagoya, Japan. Blakesberg declared on his U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Form 60S9B Customs Declaration that he had visited the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and China. During subsequent inspection by CBP, officers discovered numerous electronic media in Blakesberg?s possession, including one Apple Laptop computer.

Upon inspecting Blakesberg?s laptop, CBP Officers noted it required a password to access. At the request of the CBP Officers, Blakesberg voluntarily typed the password "snoopy" into the laptop, thereby allowing access to its contents. Upon reviewing the laptop, CBP officers found videos depicting child pornography.


A later preview of Blakesberg?s laptop by a certified ICE Computer Forensics Agent (CFA) revealed one video of approximately forty-seven minutes and eight seconds (47:08) in length, titled "Kelly & Amber & Company [PTHC].mpg", which depicted a white, juvenile female performing sexual acts on herself and on an adult white male.  This video was located in a file labeled "Frostwire Incomplete.txt."  Also contained in the "Frostwire Incomplete.txt" folder were approximately thirty-four other videos bearing titles which are indicative of child pornography content.

In addition, Blakesberg was also found to possess numerous rewriteable DVDs (DVDR) in his possession, approximately six (6) of which bore titles indicating the source of the content to be Frostwire, the same apparent source as the child pornographic video referenced above as "Kelly & Amber & Company [PTHCJ.mpg." Law enforcement conducted a preview on one such DVDR bearing the handwritten title ?? and located a second video containing child pornography, this video depicted an underage female having sex with an adult male.

Blakesberg, who stated he had been vacationing in Southeast Asia since August 3, 2009, living off his savings, and was returning to his parent's home in Houston, Texas. Blakesberg stated he is currently unemployed, but was formerly employed as a Television Producer by WFLA in Tampa, Florida. Blakesberg stated he has no current U.S. residence, and no telephone. Blakesberg further stated that he believed he was being detained by CBP for traveling to countries known for child exploitation. During the interview Blakesberg requested the presence of an attorney, and the interview was terminated.

"Our officers utilized their training and experience in discovering the offending content of this laptop", stated Donald Conroy, Port Director for CBP at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. "CBP officers encounter hundreds of thousands of travelers at our ports of entry around the country everyday. Because of their vigilance CBP interdicts this type of activity as part of securing our borders and our communities."

The offense of possession of child pornography carries a sentence, upon conviction, of five years up to 20 years imprisonment and a maximum fine of $250,000. The potential sentence also permits a court to impose a maximum life-term of supervised release during which the court may impose a number of special conditions.
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