Rolls-Royce Launches AE 3007C2 Engine To Power Cessna Citation Ten


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Rolls-Royce Launches AE 3007C2 Engine To Power Cessna Citation Ten

By Eddy Metcalf

October 24, 2010 - Rolls-Royce, announced the launch of the newest member of its highly successful AE 3007 family of engines – the AE 3007C2 – which will power Cessna’s new Citation Ten, a new, larger version of the Citation X.  

The AE 3007C2 is expected to be certificated in the first half of 2013 and enter service later in the same year. Engines are on schedule to support Cessna’s first flight test, which is planned for late 2011. Dr. Michael Haidinger, President Rolls-Royce Deutschland and COO Corporate & Regional Engines at Rolls-Royce said: 


 “We are delighted to build on our strong partnership with Cessna. We have enhanced the already highly efficient and extremely successful AE 3007 platform. The AE 3007C2 utilises the latest advances in engine technology and performance to deliver increased thrust alongside reduced fuel consumption.”  Cessna Chairman, President and CEO Jack Pelton said: “We’ve enjoyed a very successful relationship with Rolls-Royce, so we’re excited to move to a new level together on the new Citation Ten.”  

Rolls-Royce is the world’s leading engine supplier for business jets with a 36 per cent share of the market. The company powers 15 different in-service business jet types in a fleet of 2,400 aircraft. This new 7,000lbf class two-shaft engine combines the latest technology with the proven reliability and superior performance of the AE 3007 family.  The AE 3007C2 sets a new performance standard for direct climb to altitude. Compared with the AE 3007C1, the AE 3007C2 delivers a 4 per cent increase in takeoff thrust, 6 to 10 per cent improvement in climb and cruise thrust and an additional 1.4 per cent improvement in engine specific fuel consumption (SFC).  

The AE 3007C2 features a higher flow, more efficient fan with 38.5 inch compound swept fan blades. This advanced fan blade design is mechanically more durable and features improved stability. The engine cycle is further optimized by a larger LP turbine for durability and HP compressor vane schedule for efficiency. New FADEC software provides improved engine health monitoring and engine start logic enabling quick turn-around capability.

The first AE 3007C engine entered service in 1996, the same year the Cessna Citation X design team received the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy. To date, Rolls-Royce has delivered more than 600 AE 3007 engines to Cessna for its Citation X. The AE 3007C2 has 90 per cent commonality in engine core with the AE engine family which has over 40 million hours of service-proven operations.


The total AE engine series accumulates more than 300,000 flying hours per month - equivalent to an average of one take-off or landing every 20 seconds. The AE 3007C2 is the second in the engine series to be introduced within a year, following the AE 3007A2 launch at the 62nd Annual National Business Aviation Association in October 2009.


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