WACO Classic Aircraft Donates Aircraft In Support Of AOPA Foundation


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WACO Classic Aircraft Donates Aircraft In Support Of AOPA Foundation

Jim Douglas

October 3, 2010 - WACO Classic Aircraft has announced that, in support of AOPA Foundation and its key initiatives, they are donating a brand new made-to-order WACO YMF-5 D-Model to the AOPA Foundation Auction. The bidding began Thursday and will end November 13th with proceeds going to AOPA Foundation. 

?Every item up for bid has been donated, and we are most grateful to every donor,? said Bruce Landsberg, president of the AOPA Foundation. ?Their generosity and the interest their donations will generate will provide important support for the Foundation?s four strategic initiatives: preserving airports; growing the pilot population; promoting safety education; and enhancing the image of general aviation.? 


The biggest-ticket item up for auction is a WACO Classic YMF-5D aircraft. The YMF-5D is a brand new made-to-order aircraft from the WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation. It is an open-cockpit biplane design that offers pilots a happy marriage of barnstorming-era wind-in-your-hair fun with the latest IFR-capable avionics.  

The aircraft being auctioned, with a basic list price is $395,500 is still being built, so the winning bidder will have the opportunity to work directly with Waco Classic Aircraft to further customize the avionics package and other options. This is not a rebuild or a kit plane. 

The new WACO D-model is an airplane that exemplifies attention to detail. Their new computer designed MT propeller brings smoother performance while utilizing the power of the optional 300 horse power fuel injected Jacobs radial engine. This is a luxury aircraft and a serious performance machine, capable of full aerobatics with impressive flying qualities. For more information visit www.wacoclassic.com

The AOPA Aviation Summit is a three day event, full of aviation-themed action for all ages and levels of aviation enthusiasm. No matter if you?re a student pilot, have had your pilot certificate for decades, or still have your feet firmly planted on the ground but have always kept an eye high in the sky, there is plenty to see and do. The event will be held in Long Beach, CA, November 11 - 13, 2010. More information can be found at www.aopa.org/summit

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