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American Airlines Passenger Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault Of A 13 Year Old Girl
January 20, 2017 - Back in June, FBI agents arrested Chad Cameron Camp, age 26, of Portland on probable cause of sexual misconduct on a 13 year old female on board an American Airlines flight out of Dallas/Ft. Worth for a flight to Portland, Oregon.

Camp who was seated next to the unaccompanied 13-year-old had sexually abused the child for more than 30 minutes ‘This Was 30 Minutes of Hell’. Just after takeoff, a witness reported she saw Camp touching the child inappropriately, she reported the incident to the flight crew.

The flight crew immediately moved Camp to another seat and notified law enforcement. Upon landing at Portland International Airport, Camp was detained and arrested by the FBI. Camp who has a long history of substance abuse had just completed a substance abuse program in Florida and was on his way back to Oregon.

In the arrest report an American Airlines flight attendant reported she realized something was wrong when she noticed Camp’s hand in the 13 year old girl’s lap and “a single tear coming down the victim’s cheek.” The report also states Camp had inappropriately touched the child several times and when the child moved away from the physical contact, Camp would laugh.
An American Airlines flight attendant told investigators she realized something was amiss during the flight, while serving drinks on board the flight she noticed Camp’s hand in the girl’s lap and “a single tear coming down the victim’s cheek,” his arrest warrant states.

“The victim stated that Camp … reached over with his left hand and placed it on the victim’s knee and slid it up to her upper thigh. The victim crossed her right leg over her left and leaned towards the window to break contact with Camp … she was frightened and felt trapped.”

On Thursday, Camp pleaded guilty to making an indecent sexual proposal to a minor and assault with intent to commit abusive sexual contact of a minor during an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Portland, Oregon.

In court Camp stated, “I invaded her space, touching her in her thigh and her groin area. I had inappropriate conversations with her. My words were fairly considered to be indecent. What I did was wrong in all respects.”

Camp reported that he had been drinking heavily during a layover just before his flight to Portland. A witness who saw Camp reported he “consume four mixed alcoholic drinks” at the airport bar before boarding the flight.


The court set a sentencing hearing for May 3. Under a plea deal Camp could receive a 14-month prison term and he will be require to to register as a sex offender for 15 years. The family has filed a $10 million lawsuit against American Airlines. In the suit, the family alleges the airline was negligent in the care of the 13 year old. The suit also states that as soon as Camp was seated he began to “rub up against [the girl], lean close to her and fondle her body with his hand.” The child stated in an interview that “I would never think this would happen. You see this stuff and you think, That’s crazy, and then it happens to you and it’s shocking.”


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