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Delta Cargo Agents Report Their Firing Was Over Reporting Supervisor Masturbated At His Desk
January 6, 2017 – Two women cargo agents working for Delta Airlines, Lauren Heffernan, 29, and Kayla Jenkins, 19 have filed a lawsuit for their wrongful termination. Heffernan and Jenkins began working for Delta in the summer of 2015.

Both women were assigned a "mentor", Mike Keve, a Delta employee of 25 years to train them both in their duties. In February 2016, Jenkins now 18 years old and attending high school was working on a computer when she noticed her supervisor allegedly masturbating with his penis out of his pants at his desk.

Jenkins feared reporting the incident to her superiors text Heffernan about the incident. Heffernan text back that a similar incident happened to her the month prior. Jenkins and Heffernan decided to report the incidents to other Delta supervisors.

But their complaints feel at deaf ears. In their lawsuit Heffernan claims that she was told "Keve had been a valued employee and that reporting his conduct could ruin him."

In the lawsuit, Jenkins and Heffernan reported that they were retaliated by Delta for reporting the incidents by firing them. Jenkins stated that in May she was fired without warning and that the reason given was because her school work was interfering with her ability to work extra hours. Later that month, Heffernan reported she was fired because she came back from a lunch break late.

In a statement, Delta airlines reported the company investigated the matter and as a result fired two employees. The airlines refused to indicate the two employees. In addition, the airline stated that both Jenkins and Heffernan "were legitimately terminated for reasons completely unrelated to any allegations of misconduct by others."

Both Jenkins and Heffernan are suing Delta Airlines and are seeking $5 million in damages. Delta Airlines said "Delta takes allegations of inappropriate conduct very seriously. We promptly investigate and take appropriate action when issues of this nature are brought to our attention."



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