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Allied Air Freight, Inc. DC 3 Goes Down In Nassau
By Mike Mitchell

July 20, 2000, about 1:12 pm, a Douglas DC-3, N54AA, operated by Allied Air Freight, Inc., out of Opa Locka Airport, a cargo charter flight, crashed after takeoff from Nassau International Airport, New Providence Island, Bahamas under VFR.  The airplane was destroyed by post crash fire, the ATP rated pilot and his copilot were both killed.

Just after takeoff, about 250 feet above ground the pilots lost their left engine. According to initial reports, after takeoff from runway 14, the pilot advised the tower that he would have to shut down (feather) the right engine and return for an emergency landing on runway 14.

Within moments the pilot radioed back and stated "where going down". The airplane lost altitude and crashed about 2 miles from the airport, east of the extended centerline of runway 14. 

The plane slammed into the trees in the Bahamas National Forest. It then burst into flames as it broke apart. The only recognizable parts of the plane were the wings, about 50 feet apart. One pilot was thrown from the plane and the other was strapped in the pilot's seat. The copilot was burned beyond recognition. The Bahamin Aviation Authority stated the two pilots of the DC 3 are " Heroes".

As the pilots opt for the trees rather than a populated area. Family and friends will hold a farewell salute to both pilots, Mr. Herbert Waite, captain and Filip Hansson, copilot on August 5th at 11 a.m. at Miami Aviation Corporation (M.A.C), Opa Locka Airport.


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