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Kansas, A Former ATC And Three Others Die In A King Air Plane Crash

October 31, 2014 - On Thursday a Beechcraft 200 King Air, N52SZ departing  runway 1R at Wichita Mid Continent Airport, Kansas for Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport, Arkansas crashed just after takeoff killing four people.

At or about 9:50 AM the pilot, Mark Goldstein, 53, was cleared by air traffic control (ATC) for takeoff. As he began to ascend above the runway one of the two engines failed, Goldstein radioed ATC to state "we lost the left engine" and that he was retuning back to the airport to land.

Within seconds the King Air crashed into a two-story building where FlightSafety Cessna Learning Center is located. FlightSafety International spokesman, Steve Phillips said "It crashed into the roof of our training center", which is located about 1,775 feet left of runway 1R centerline. The aircraft burst into a ball of fire killing the pilot and three people in the learning center.

The aircraft is owned by Beechcraft Corp, the company purchased the aircraft back from its prior owner Sheetz Inc. an Altoona, Pennsylvania based convenience store chain. Sheetz Inc. spokesperson, Tarah Arnold said “We sold the plane on September 25, 2012 back to Beechcraft.”



Sale records indicate the aircraft under went a phase 1-4 inspection, both P&W PT6A SER engines had undergone a hot section inspection and a new propeller was installed on the right hand engine. Goldstein was contracted to take the aircraft to Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport to have the aircraft refurbished.

Goldstein was a retired FAA air traffic controller Steve Rinaldi, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association said "Our thoughts go out to all of our members and FAA employees at Wichita Tower and TRACON, where Mark served as a very skilled and highly professional air traffic controller for 24 years. This is a terrible loss for them, and for everyone who knew Mark."

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